* "National Anti Crime and Human Rights Council of India", Social Welfare Service by Vadod

* "National Anti Crime and Human Rights Council of India", Social Welfare Service by Vadodara City *

Today's date: 18/01/2018, on Thursday, by the youth of Vadodara city, Sai Bhakta Sangh, from Vadodara to his holy and inspiring Darshan in the court of Sai Baba from Shirdi, human beings should become holy due to their adoration and planning a pilgrim tour with the intention of spreading message in a common society. Accordingly, the union of the pedestrians left for Shirdi this morning.

Especially proud to tell us the feeling of pride is that, under the auspices of Rahul Gandhi Desai, President of NACHRCOI, Vadodara, active member of NACHRCOI and Ward no. During the walks of the pedestrians, through the combined program of joint venture and collaboration with Chhatrapati Shivaji Mitra Mandal, Tarsali and the entire team of Ward President Shri Gopal Gosavi and his entire team of 24 (Tarsali), they can continue on the various highways and highways and at the time of night and darkness. Accidents and pedestrians will be identified far and wide by accident, and accidentally driving a vehicle To avoid fats have been distributed Fluorescent protektinga life jackets. The Sai devotees expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the President of "NACHRCOI, Vadodara" Mr. Rahul Desai and Mr. Gopal Gosavi in ​​Tharsali, his team and also "Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Mitra Mandal, Tharsali", with great warmth. *

: - * NACHRCOI * * Vadodara President, * * Rahul Desai *

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