RTI Act 2005


     What is RTI Act.2005 ?



By writing on a piece of paper we can seek any information from the Government, inspect any Government documents and seek certified photocopies thereof. And trust me, once you are RTI Activist they shall have to reply to you... Honorable Supreme Court said "People are the masters, therefore, the masters have a right to know how the government, meant to serve us, are functioning." Truly ! Why not. Every one of us pay tax. Therefore, we also have a right to know how our money has being spent. RTI ACT 2005 only enables this process on how to apply for information, where to apply, how much fees etc to obtain the information from Government, No Worries! If you are interested in some formal write up on the vision and mission of the RTI,  

Remember that... One or more officers in every Government Department have been designated as Public Information Officers (PIO). These are the nodal officers, who are supposed to accept your application under RTI, collect information and provide it to you in writing. If the desired information is not provided within 30 days of application by you or if the information provided is incomplete, the concerned officer becomes liable for a penalty 

      What is File RTI Online?

                   ABOUT FILE RTI ONLINE



We are providing a platform to the citizens of India in exercising their Right to Information online. We helping them to seek information withheld by the public authorities. This is our sincere effort towards bringing transparency and accountability in the functioning of the govt. offices and thus making India a corruption free nation. One thing I would like to make clear is that this is not the official website of Govt. of India, this is a private website operated by RTI experts for helping and educating common men.

This is our website for filling right to information(Suchana ka adhikar) application, it is very convenient to use, and you need not to sign up nor you need to be a member of our organization for filing Right to Information Application. You simply have to fill RTI Application Form on this website and make payment. Our expert will draft your application as per RTI norm and will send it to the concern PIO. You just have to relax for 30 days to get information from the concern PIO by speed post.

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